Welcome to my Website!

Hi!, My name’s Rocky!

My parents didn’t know it when they got me, but I have a lot of trouble digesting grains. Now, you might say, “You’re a dog Rocky! Don’t dogs eat meat?” Well, if you think about it, we dogs will eat pretty much anything you put on our plate, especially if you consider that many dog foods are made with corn filler to bulk out the food. So, though my parents thought they were buying me food that was great for dogs, the grains in my food made it not so good for me!

When my parents realized my condition my Mom started buying special food for me that had no grains in it. I like the odd snack though, and she found it hard to find good snacks for me (and people food is worse for me than grains!). My Mom loves me so much she decided to make me my own special cookies with all natural and organic ingredients, and before we knew it my business, Rocky’s Gourmet Goodies, was born!

Please browse our product page and chose a freshly made gourmet dog treat for yourself (whole grain or grain free), and then ask your parents to deal with the rest!

Thank you for checking out my site!

With Love,